Doing some Coding Katas in the meantime...

For some time, i tried to learn Scala with my own single learningproject.
I combined views in swing for simple input and output and database access to mysql with some classes in scala. Target should be a small App that is well tested and show all aspects for later richer Apps. But having no Java-background its much input, looking over and decide for the perfect libraries, understanding the scala concepts and so on. So i make small steps in my little app.

The perfect way to make small steps in learning a new programming language is
doing some coding katas. Some solutions i found in the beginner section of codingkata.org

def fibonacci(n :Int) : Int = {
        n match {
            case 0 => 0
            case 1 => 1
            case _ => { ( fibonacci(n-1) + fibonacci(n-2)) }

So i will solve a few more katas, whenever i can not reach the next step or feature of my learning-app-project...

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