Long time no post...

Things at work changed the last year. So priorities changed.

Becoming a member of a new team that is using Linux, C, Java, jsp, little php and much Oracle pl/sql, there were plenty of things to learn for me, coming from Microsoft (old world) C++.
So there is a little time to read the daily feeds that i prefered.
Less time to learn Scala and other interessting things like Android.
Lesser time and motivation (does anybody ever read the last posts ?) to write on the blog.

But Scala (language) has getting greater, mature and stable this last year i think.
There are some themes were it is possible to mix up the Java know how,
i need for work, with new technics i like to use with Scala.

Another point is english is not my first language. Like to guess what it is ?
(Are comments working here ? Hmmm ~:-|, i'm still learning Wordpress...)

Reading, hearing means no problem, having eight years of english at school and several lessons on university,
but if you have no great traveler background and not some years of study or practice in foreign countries it is difficult to
find the right words speaking and of cause writing in english.
But being a long time it-professional (hopefully) i'm used to read books in english.
When reading on the internet, i don't distinguish between english and native language.

So i will retry to write something useful (i hope) here. You can beat me, if i get ready to activate the comments one time...

But now i think it's better going one step back and install a local version of Wordpress and explore first ?

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